Saturday, February 26

The LoVe in cRaftiNg

This is my favorite necklace right now. I love LoVe love it and I love that it's a hand made gift from my good friend.I really do wear it like 5 days a week. My cute friend, Heidi makes them. I was lucky enough to get one as my Christmas gift and lucky for you she sells them as well. She is one Talented MamA........... here stuff is so cute. You can check it out @

This isn't my exact one but you get the ideaI totally stole this photo off her blog.

So, Baby Drama (my littlest sister) came for a visit and we went to one of Heidi's jewelry parties where she got a couple pairs of  great earrings.
Then she wanted to make some of her own before she had to go home we did!
I want her to come back so bad. hint hint

Here they are:

Baby Drama, Sis (my other little sister), Shady (my niece) and Goose (my oldest daughter) all sat around the table and talked while we made these. 
I didn't get any pitchers of it dang it.
This is one of my FaVoriTe things about crafting, the memories we make while doing it.
I am so blessed to have so many amazing woman in my life that inspire me in every way. 

Look how CuTe she is!

Thanks for ViSiTing and EnJoY!


  1. thanks girl...I wanna see some pics of what you got friday!!! cant wait. Also go to vintage revivals and link up. I did!

    xoxo heidi

  2. Thanks for the help. I will post about Friday a.s.a.p. Carrie