Monday, April 25

Big Guy & Little Missy

Occasionally I will pick up jewelry boxes when I'm out junking. I know if you have ever been in a thrift store or to a yard sale you've probably seen hundreds of these (ugly 80's looking wood) in your life but sometimes they're really cute to redo.
If you would like me to tell you my selection process and how I redo these tiny little boxes with felt on  inside (usually) and ity bity hardware that is sometimes easy to remove and sometimes not.........
then read on Sista!

Big Guy
I really dislike this color of Brown.
I keep forgetting to take before pictures. The hardware was on when I bought it.

I really like this color of Gray

Unless you are planning on becoming an ugly brown jewelry box 
hoarder you are going to have to be very picky when selecting these little guys. 
I look for unique cubbies, doors, drawers, hardware, pretty much anything that catches my eye.  

If I'm liking the outside then I check out the inside. Most of the time the insides are covered in felt and most of the time the felt is so gross. But sometimes you find a few that look brand new inside, like this one. That's when you know you've hit the jack pot and to snag that baby up before some lady sees you totally checking it out and is just waiting for you to put it down so she can snag it from you.  

Like I said these are small and they have very small parts, kinda annoying if you are as impatient as I am.
Here's how I redo them:

I usually wait until I have a couple to do & until I'm in a really crafty mood.
I use Acrylic Paint & a Sponge Brush with these little guys.
(You can clean up acrylic paint with soap and water which is kinda important when painting so close to the felt)
Sometimes I take the hardware off and spray paint it and sometimes I just paint it the same color as the box.
It just depends on how hard it is to get the hardware off. (I spray painted these)
After I have a couple coats of paint I do something to show off the cute lines, like distress it or white wash it.
This one got it all. I painted it light grey and didn't like it. I painted it white and didn't like it. I painted it dark grey and kinda liked it so I distessed it but there just wasn't enough contrast. So I white washed it and now I LoVE it.
Last I finished him off with a coat  of
Water Based Polyurethane.

He even has a cute back end :)

Little Missy
Yes, I forgot the take the before picture.


She has some great character &

her felt is in great condition, so I brought her home.

I would have had to remove the felt to get her knobs off so I just painted everything the same color.
She got a couple coats of white acrylic paint, distressed with 150 grit sand paper and sealed with the same water based polyurethane.

There they are LooKing all CuTE
These are for sale on my For Sale Page!


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Thursday, April 21

A LiTTle bit o SuMMeR

Oh What a Week! 
I have felt so YucKy all week but still I just wanted to paint. So I painting all week but didn't really get anything finished. I am really really close to finishing two different projects that I will be showing off next week, but for now I will just show you a little something I did today.
 I found these on one of my junk shopping adventures.The funny thing was they weren't all in the same place, they were scattered all over the store. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be a set. I do wish there were 5 instead of 4, but I won't be too picky.

All I did to them was
2. Paint (with a rattle can)
3. A Quick Sanding

I was going to paint them turquoise and then put coral colored candles in them, but when I went to buy my candles I fell in love with all these colors. I couldn't choose just one, so I got all of them.
I felt like with all the different colors I needed to paint them white.   
I just love these colors (the one that looks red is orange in real life)!
They make me want to jump out of my chair, go get my swimming suit on and head to the pool.........with my girls of course. 

A closer look?

I can't talk about SuMMeR colors without showing you this
I stole this picture off my Crazy Talented Friend, Heidi's Blog. She is the designer of this bracelet that is screaming SuMMeR to me. I LoVE it! I am so ready to be warm that I seriously get butterflies in my stomach when I see these colors. 

*You can check out all Heidi's Fun New Stuff @ Chick Hardware

Come a PaRTY with me!
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Thursday, April 14


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Yea! We have 150 followers so that means it's time to do our drawing

Winning #96 belonging to 
I think I am just as excited to give this away as I would be to receive it. 

ThaNk YoU everyone for FoLLoWiNG!
I can't wait for the next GiVEaWaY!

Tuesday, April 12

Oh How I LoVE Me Some TreASuReS

I'm sure if you read my blog at all you probably know that I love a good treasure hunt. You know the kind where you don't even know what you're looking for but You always KNOW when you have found your treasure.
Well what if you were just sitting at home minding your own business and a package full of treasures showed up to your door. 

Dead Serious, this is what happened to me!

Vicky over @  sent me a package full of treasures.
I got an email from her telling me that I was her 100th follower and that she was going to send me something.

This is what intrigued me to look at her blog. Isn't it cute?

She has so many cute thing on her blog, she really knows how to take a bunch of JuNk and turn it into a beautiful TreASuRE.
Check this one out

I know, super cute huh. You just need to go visit her because there are too many to show you here.

I had no idea what she would send but I was excited to find out.
I know, you can't really see everything so here are some of my favorites

This super cute frayed fabric. I'm going to put this on my picnic table.

Do you think she knows that I collect white buttons?

This is so unique, it's a pin and I love it.

But this is my FaVoRiTE. Look at that cute old key! 
I LoVE old keys!
ThaNk YoU so MuCh Vicky, I am LoVing it ALL!
Did I mention, she's a total sweetheart?

Speaking of TreASuReS, I just have to show you a couple of my own.
I think I might have had the best junk shopping day of my life. I'm not going to show you everything just yet but I am going to show you two things.

My sister actually found this one for her little girl that just turned 10.

Wait, it get's better. It opens up to these cute lights & a mirror. $3

I found this darling little night stand for $3.
I think I might fix him up for my nephews. He screams little boys room to me.
And this is what I found inside. Look at the date.
It's a stack (7) of checks and a bank statement from 1964.

K, I decided I'm going to show you one more

This cute chalk board. Only one problem....I HATE chalk.
 I'm thinking I might fix it up for my nephew's room too. 
(I don't care if other people have chalk in their house) hee hee

And look at how much it was. A steal I tell ya!


Monday, April 11

SuPeR ShaBBy TwiNs

I found these little cuties at the thrift store and had to get them. I thought they would be so cute painted white.

I was Right! They are so cute painted white.

They have these cute side handles

and they are cuter BLuE.

I thought the hardware was so cute so I just kept it all.

I painted the hardware blue, roughed them up with some sandpaper and then stained them.

Check out these cute legs,

and even cuter white legs.

All I did to these was give them a good sanding,

Stained them with my favorite stain,

Painted them with my favorite white paint,

And then roughed them up with my sander.
But it was way to much distressing for their dainty little bodies. So I added some water to my white paint and  whitewashed them to soften their shabby look. The next morning I took a damp cloth and wiped it all down (rubbing harder in some places then others). 

It's just a slight difference (whitewashed),

but enough to make all the difference (whitewashed & wiped down)

And then I finished them off with a couple coats of this....

I think they turned out pretty darn cute
if I do say so myself.

By the way, I am selling these little cuties. I am going to put a For Sale Page up by my header just in case any of you are interested in taking these home with you.

Are you sick of the words cute, cuties and cuter yet?  Cuz I am.

Thanks for stopping by &

I will be linked up to some great Parties this week and you don't want to be a PaRTy PooPer so come and see everyones great stuff!
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