Thursday, April 21

A LiTTle bit o SuMMeR

Oh What a Week! 
I have felt so YucKy all week but still I just wanted to paint. So I painting all week but didn't really get anything finished. I am really really close to finishing two different projects that I will be showing off next week, but for now I will just show you a little something I did today.
 I found these on one of my junk shopping adventures.The funny thing was they weren't all in the same place, they were scattered all over the store. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be a set. I do wish there were 5 instead of 4, but I won't be too picky.

All I did to them was
2. Paint (with a rattle can)
3. A Quick Sanding

I was going to paint them turquoise and then put coral colored candles in them, but when I went to buy my candles I fell in love with all these colors. I couldn't choose just one, so I got all of them.
I felt like with all the different colors I needed to paint them white.   
I just love these colors (the one that looks red is orange in real life)!
They make me want to jump out of my chair, go get my swimming suit on and head to the pool.........with my girls of course. 

A closer look?

I can't talk about SuMMeR colors without showing you this
I stole this picture off my Crazy Talented Friend, Heidi's Blog. She is the designer of this bracelet that is screaming SuMMeR to me. I LoVE it! I am so ready to be warm that I seriously get butterflies in my stomach when I see these colors. 

*You can check out all Heidi's Fun New Stuff @ Chick Hardware

Come a PaRTY with me!
ThaNkS for the LiNk uP LaDiES!


  1. I am in love with those candle holders! And I really love that you used different colored candles! Super cute! Thanks for coming by Sassy Sites and linking up. I'm your newest follower now. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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  2. These are Just darling!! I had no idea you had such creativity in you! Awesome!

  3. Beautiful! Those pieces have a really great design and your paint brought them out beautifully!

  4. Those candlestick holders are beautiful! Your twin furniture project is featured on my Sunday Linky this week! Check it out here :)

  5. Love it! The multi colored candles are so happy! Have a beautiful Easter! -Karen

  6. Great job! The candles really make things pop.

  7. Great looking stuff! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  8. Those do have summer written all over them! :-) I love the multi-colored candles and you did a great job with the makeover of the candlesticks. Thank you so much for linking up this past weekend to Inspiration Friday!

  9. those turned out so cute! they definitely remind me of something beachy. love the transformation!
    Thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

  10. I love the way these candlesticks turned out. The way you found them was like a little treasure hunt:) Thanks for linking up!

    much love