Wednesday, August 17

Who Paints a CoUCh?

Who Paints a Couch?

We Do!

This is my cute friend Melissa. Yes we did paint this couch. 
Disclaimer: this couch is not going into a living room; it is a prop, so you can stop freaking out.

A prop for what? Melissa has twin girls and she was having a party for them and she needed a PINK, you know, we painted it PINk.

I know you are dying to do this to your own couch so I will tell you how :)
1.Take all the trim off.
2. Vacuum the crap out of it and then clean it with bleach.
3. Apply 3 gallons of  KILZ oil based primer.

4. Ruin your flip fops because you can't paint with a roller without getting it all over.
5. Use the whole stinkin' can (gallon) of  BrIGHt PiNk paint.
6. Explain to every single person that walks by that we are not crazy; we are creative.
7. Have a crazy friend who buys way too much trim because she thinks every trim is just ToO white, when really it all looks exactly the same. ( love ya Melissa)
8. Paint the wood white.
9. Apply the trim with hot glue.
10. Lay on your friends couch like you would lay on any other plastic feeling couch.
Melissa did steps 2,7,8 and 9 all by her self. Steps 4 and 10 where all me.
I actually really love it.


ThaNkS for the LiNk uP LaDiES!

Wednesday, August 10

Fighting For Sis

I hope a couple of you have noticed that I haven't been around or posting for a couple of months. Life has been a LiTTle CRaZy to say the least. We have had so much going on, I had to take a little break so I could try to catch up; I'll spare you the details. I haven't caught up, but hey we're still alive and  I really miss my redo's and blogging so I'm back. 



This redo is for an auction we are having for Sis. Sis is my little sister who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the beginning of this year. The last post I wrote about this. Since then She has had 2 surgeries one of which was a double mastectomy.

Let me tell you......She's one Heck of a fighter!
At War With My Rack- I LoVE it! Hee Hee

She just finished up her last round of Chemo.
Isn't she cute?

As you can imagine this kind of attention cost a lot of $$$$$$. I don't know if I've ever told you this but I live in the most amazing neighborhood in the world. A couple of my neighbors had a great idea to have an auction to raise money to help Sis out with the medical bill. It has grown into quite the event.
Doesn't this look so fun!?!
If any of you crazy talented women would like to share your talents and donate something to this auction I would be forever grateful. Gift Cards, Gift Baskets, Whatever you would like to donate will be perfect. It will be a silent action held on August 27th along with other activities. Let me know if you're interested in helping us out.

Now on with the redo!


These little side cubbies are great for storage and so cute. Can't you just imagine what fun treasure a little girl would hide in there.
I started this redo out by ripping all the gross velvet out of her drawers and cubbies.
I kept it all so I could use it for a patters on the new lining.

I used Goo Gone and a puddy knife to remove all the left over adhesive and paper.
I just let the Goo Gone sit for a few minutes before using the puddy knife to scrape it off. I also used Dawn and hot water as a finishing cleaner.

I measured and cut poster paper to match the patters I kept. Then I put them all in place to make sure they fit well. After I was sure it all fit perfectly I cut the fabric leaving a 1/4 inch edge on each side and used spray adhesive to apply it to the poster paper. Then I folded the 1/4 inch edge over and glued it down with fabric fusion. I used an all purpose Liquid Nails to apply each piece to it's coordinating wall.
I hope that made sense.

I LoVE the way it turned out!

The bench was a whole other story. 



My sweet mom made the cute ruffle for me.
Sometimes I wonder if these manufactures think people won't REALLY use their furniture, because sometimes they don't build it for REAL LIFE use as is the case with this bench. I just can't put my time into a piece and have it really be a piece of  "swear words". So with my dad by my side we just rebuilt the dang thing and now she is ready for her REAL LIFE experiences. 

Here's a few more close ups for ya.

One More Thing.......
I have been putting off saying this for a few months because truthfully, if I sit down to write about it then I have to really think about it. I don't really like thinking about this because I just end up having a crying fit and know one like that, right.
So I'm going to put on my big girl pants and say it now.
I have been very overwhelmed by the love that comes from complete strangers during hard times. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, thoughts, comments and support during this fight. It's not my fight but it's so hard to watch. It has been so comforting to me knowing that so many people were and are praying for Sis and her family. Your sweet comments and emails really have meant so much to me and I am sorry I didn't have anything to write back. I love this blogging community and the support that is offers in every way to one another. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Love ya 
& EnJoY!

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ThaNkS for the LiNk uP LaDiES!