Monday, October 10

Handsomely Hello Entryway Table

Maybe you've noticed my lack of blogging lately? 
This is why!

I'm in a race with Good Olde Father Winter and I'm so gonna WIN....I hope.

I have lots of projects I can't wait to tell you about. I thought I would jump on and share this quick little guy; you know, just so you don't forget about me. 

Sewing Table
He's pretty handsome the way he came but I'm thinking small entryway table and I don't want his top to open anymore. 

Entryway Table

The Run Down
1. I removed the sewing machine.
2. Separated the two top pieces and then screwed the very top piece to the base of the table using the same holes and the same screws. 
3. I removed all this hardware
Don't be scared to remove hardware. It looks scarier than it is. 
4. Gave him a quick sanding to remove the shinny.
5. Painted, wet sand, a tad distressing and a rubbed wax finish. 
6. Finally, I put his hardware back on.
So EaSY!

He has handsomely sleek hardware doesn't he?

And look, he has a secret.......
Please excuse the frames all over the stinkin' floor.

I love the color too.

Do you want to see a few sneak peeks of what I've been working on?
Anything for you.


and this

and this

and all this CRAP!
Don't call my crap CRAP! I LoVE that CRAP.

Have a great week and 

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