Friday, February 18

JuNk ShoPPing

My friend and I went junk shopping today and I found a couple great little treasures. I will be saving those for a little treat later on. But I want to show you what I wanted to get but didn't. 

Have I ever told you how much I LoVe owls?

Love Owl book ends......SO CuTE!

I love me some unique OLD windows.

I didn't really want to buy this but it made me Smile. 
I hope there is a little smile on your face too.

These totally reminded me of my Daddy.
I miss him.

I might have to go back and get this adorable bed frame......... 
It would be so cute painted all white.

I want this so bad.

This TV was so pretty.
That was too funny.

Bird Cages........

I could do so much with these babies........

and all this other cool stuff I found.

Why are things so much cuter when they are small?

Hope you Enjoyed my shopping trip.
                              Thanks for visiting!

P.S. I wish it would warm up so I could start painting.


  1. I have a Huge whole in my Heart! I am so sad i missed this trip :( Why do we live sooo far away? I love ALL the photos and i have a crush on all these treasures. I am coming up soon (lets plan on it) and we will go back to this place. I NEED some carrie time, a good coke actually i have been lovin diet dr pepper lately and a GOOd laugh with a great friend. Ps i linked up to you today. Ps you forgot to put up your favorite OWl! wink wink
    xoxo heidi

  2. Oh man. I love owls too. Where do you go junk shopping? We only have goodwill here, but I bet we have some antique shops somewhere.

  3. I shop anywhere I can get me some great junk for a great price. Some antique shops are good and some are not. You just have to feel it out. My favorite places are the ReStore, Savers, DI and yard sales. Thanks for following!

  4. I found myself moaning out loud (is that MOL?)when I saw the old doorknobs, the little school desk that have been left out in the elements and the cute little highchair. What an awesome place to go junkin!!


  5. I love your blog. I will definetely be following you? Do you live in Utah or the Salt Lake area? I am about 3 hours away but love to hunt for things when out there! I would love some names of some good thrift stores!