Sunday, February 27

JuNk ShoPPing 2/25

So I'm thinking I might need to clarify what Junk Shopping is to me. It's anything that isn't a necessity; anything that's fun, pretty or cute. When you're on a hunt for projects or adventure, or both, or when you want a good date with a friend and need an excuse. It can be done at any retail store, antique store, thrift shop, yard sale or any where you can find good stuff and a great deal. I had so much fun Junk Shopping this week. I went with my friend again and we hit lots of stores. Here's What I GOT........

K, these are not mine... Melissa got them for here built-ins. We are going to redo them and oh do we have Big plans. Hopfuly I will be showing them to you next week.  

I am kinda having a lamp obsession right now. This is the 3rd one I've bought in 3 weeks. I just keep finding really cute lamps, I can't help it.

I found a new knob at Hobby Lobby. I fell in love when I saw this little beauty. This is going on this............

Isn't this FuNNy! I would have totally done something like this 10 years ago. Even the same picture but hopefully I would have done a little better job. hee hee. I love it and when it warms up I'll show you what I'm doing with it.

And lastly I'm taking a quilting class. I really don't sew. I have tried so many times and it always ends in tears, but I am giving it one more try.        
I found this super cute charm pack. I love this! I might use this same fabric (but in gray) to make pillows for my front room.

And this is what I didn't get......

I really wish I would have bought this. It was only $12.00 and I keep thinking of great things to do with it. Oh well.

I LOvE cowboys!

I have redone these before and they turn out really cute.

I even like ugly owls.

I thought this would be cute to hang from the ceiling with ribbon and with candles in it of course.

Cute! Need I say more?

I always love a good piece of furniture.

I have so many things to paint right now. It's driving me crazy. Why won't it warm up?????
So I just keep shopping. hee hee

So here are a few tips for Junk Shopping.

If you are going to Saver's take a bag of donations with you. They will give you a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. That can add up if you're buying furniture. Just check with you local store first, one of our stores only does it on Tuesdays and the other does it every day.

The best place (I have found) to buy knobs is Hobby Lobby. Knobs can really make or break a great redo.
They had a few new ones this time.

I actually went to get this one in blue but found a cute white one instead.

So CuTE!

As you can see they have a great section of knobs and hooks.

And they go on sale all the time. Just wait and you can get some great deals.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you 
                                 EnJoYed shopping with us!

ThanKs For the LiNk uP LaDiES!

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  1. Great finds- love the lamp! I just bought some knobs at Hobby Lobby too! Thanks for sharing!