Tuesday, February 22

  Easiest CRAFT Ever ........if you can even call it a craft

I was with one of my friends a couple days ago and she had these super cute magnets that she got form a Favorite Things Party. Then I realized that I had those same cute buttons at home (I think I got them at Wally World or Hobby Lobby). I use them as centers in my fabric flowers. Because I had everything, I thought I needed to make some. It was DeSTinY. Hee hee. Here's how you DIY.

You will NEED: 
                                              1. Super cute buttons
                                              2. Magnets (I like mighty magnet but any will work)
                                              3. E-6000

Cut the eye off the back of the button.

I use my BIG wire cutters.

Just add a little blob of E-6000 to the back of the button and let it sit for like 15 to 20 minutes to get a little tacky. Place your magnet over the glue and let dry. I know, way too easy right.

Then if you're feeling a little frisky you could paint them.

I just painted them with a little tole paint and then wiped some of the paint off.

I think they are So CuTE.


ThaNkS FoR the LiNk uP LaDieS!

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  1. These are really cute! I've used these buttons before as rings. So fun.

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  2. I made the button magnets today and they were so easy and cute. I stacked smaller buttons on to bigger ones to try a new look and they turned out great.