Tuesday, March 29

LooK What a LiTTle Paint CaN Do

I found this not so cute crown while I was junk shopping one day. I hate the finish but LoVE the shape. I actually loved it because it reminded me of my friend Heidi and I needed a Christmas present for her. 
It was 80% off, Shhhhh, don't tell Heidi. Just kidding, I already told her....I had to. She is one of my junk shopping buddies and it was too good to leave out.

So, I got it but had to do something about that finish. This is what I did:

primed her with Kilz Original Spray Primer
This is my hands down favorite primer. It usually only takes one coat and seals everything in. 

painted her with Krylon Spray Paint
K, I have to say that I really don't like Krylon spray paint but they do have my color of white in a spray can so sometimes I have to use it. My favorite color of white in Krylon is Dover White. It's not white white and it's not antique white, it's just right in between. If you are going to use this paint, get the Fusion for Plastic version of spray paint. Believe me, it's worth the extra money.

distressed her with 220 grit sandpaper
This will give a rubbed off look. If your sandpaper is too rough it will give it a scraped look, which I like sometimes, but not this time. Also, I always try to sand where I think paint would really rub off from years of use.

sealed her all up with 
RUST-OLEUM Crystal Clear Enamel Spray
LoVE it! If I am using a spray sealer this is my go to. It usually only takes one coat and it really is crystal clear. It dries really fast too. If you can't already tell, I'm not very patient.

WhaT do ya ThiNk?

Here's a closer LooK

 So Simple!
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  1. gorgeous!! it's amazing what little paint can do!! i love the result and the distressed look of it!

  2. Terrific Transformation! I love it white! Just the right amount of distressing, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So pretty, I love crowns!


  4. love this! i love crowns, makes me sound like a princess ha! thanks for linking this to my party!

  5. Oh yes, a little paint can make all the difference. I love this transformation, very springy now!

  6. Ahhh. I want that! Any idea where it might have come from? I have a serious obsessing/hoarding problem when it comes to fleur de lis AND creamy/chippy/scratchy antiques. The combination of the 2 is making me want to crawl through my computer screen an shove a fist full of money in your hand for it. I promise I'm not as crazy as I sound : /

    stopping by from someday crafts.

  7. How gorgeous!! I've never seen anything like it - and the distressing is just perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

    ps - Im your newest follower :)

  8. That's amazing! Gosh, I love paint!

  9. It looks amazing now that it's painted. Love this transformation.
    Hope you can stop by and visit my blog.


  10. I love the shape!!! And the new paint job really shows off the detail!! :)

  11. It came out great! Love the finish. Great eye for a diamond in the rough!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  12. hiya this is just gorgeous and you are right it was pretty ugly , but great job , can i ask you about that kils primer , do you not have to sand first with this primer ? thanks for sharing i am visiting from the 5 mins for mum and your newest follower hope you stop by mine too

  13. I love the crown and especially after you finished making it over! Beautiful!

  14. @ emilysnan (and anyone else who wants to know what I think)So here's what I think about the whole sand and prime thing: I like to sand because I think the finished product is better. Their are times I do not use primer but I almost always sand, unless it's like a picture frame or something like this crown. I did not need to sand this at all. I always ask myself: How much use is this going to get? (a lot) Are people going to be touching it or rubbing up agents it? (YES) Is the finish already smooth and will it complement the look I'm going for? (no) If your answers fit mine then in my opinion you need to sand at least a little. If your answers aren't the same as mine then I wouldn't sand. Having said all this, please know that I have never even taken one refinishing class. Everything I do is experimenting, trial and error, rule breaking and finding my own way. I do know some people who don't sand at all and they use Kilz primer and love it too.

  15. That looks great, Carrie, and I love the pedestal with it! The inside looks like it can hold things too.

    visiting from Frugalicious Friday!

  16. This is fantastic and I absolutely LOVE the shape! Here from Iron Violet.

  17. Wow, what a big difference that made! It looks great! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I'm returning the favor!

  18. Love it! It's such a great makeover.

    -Annie @ {PeppermintPlum}

  19. Love it! My oldest daughter loves it too. She thinks it looks like the crown on her vanity.
    Came over from WhipperBerry.
    New follower for you!
    Come on over and visit with me.

  20. Love it! I have a "thing" about crowns ~ :-) You did a wonderful job on it...love the look. I'm a new follower & look forward to more! Stop by and say hi when you can.


  21. oh, my.....love this!!! xoxo, Tracie

  22. This turned out so cute! Aahhh, spray paint, the "Miracle Cure" for those old, weird & just plain ugly treasures we find. I'm sure your friend was delighted with her gift. Or did you change your mind about giving it to her? LOL!!! I'm a new follower & would love it if you checked out my blog.

  23. I actually have this same crown piece and blogged about it! Mine had chipping paint and I have been trying to figure out how to recover it! Yours looks awesome!!! Thanks for linking up!

  24. Great makeover! Whoo-hoo I am follower #100!

  25. I ahve never come across anything quite as awesome...unless in a store for a gajillion dollars... nice job.

  26. That looks beautiful! I love it!

  27. That looks absolutely gorgeous! I have never seen a bowl like that and it is beautiful. I would have snatched it up too! :-) Thank you for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  28. Love this, I too am a sucker for fleur-de-lis. Thanks for linking this up to Fantastic Friday. I have chosen to feature you tomorrow so be sure and stop by to grab a button!

  29. Wow! The things white paint and someone with a little vision can do~instant CUTE!