Sunday, May 22

All GiRL!


Wanna know how I did it? Then read on Sista!

I found this at my local thrift store and thought IT would be a fun redo. I was right and yes I called it an IT. I couldn't deiced if IT was a boy or a girl. I new I wanted to add molding to it, so I got my molding and was just hoping it would come to me as I worked on it.

It needed a few repairs first.
*See that piece of wood lying on the bottom of the wardrobe? 
It actually goes underneath and there is nothing holding the floor to the rest of the dresser. 
*See how the drawers are a little saggy?
That's an easy fix that makes all the difference.

I actually just cut a new piece of wood and fastened it to the base of the dresser and then used finishing nails to nail down the bottom of the wardrobe. Then I filled the nail holes with wood filler.

I did fix the drawers but you will just have to notice that in the after pictures. Most of them were straightened out with a little bit of sanding and for the others I use
1/2"  Self Adhesive Vinyl Bumpers. I keep these little suckers on hand for lots of things. They work great and stay put.
HARDWARE CASTERS / FLOOR PROTECTION 7743461 SELF ADHESIVE BUMPERS          Stick to back of frames to protect walls.
There was also a little piece on the side of the door that was loose and would probably fall off as soon as I got it all done so I broke it off and then fixed it.

I just used a little wood glue and then sanded to make smooth. 


After all the fixing was done I gave it a quick sanding. I've had quite a few people ask me why I sand even if I prime as well. 
This is why!

Junky Looking
In my opinion there is a BIG difference in junky and shabby or rustic.

Shabby Looking

Junky Looking

Shabby Looking
Enough said.

I added molding

along the top

on the inside of the door

and along the bottom.
Keep reading to see the molding. Sorry, no photos

I know what you're thinking..... 
Molding? Really? I can't do molding. 
You can so do molding! I use to be so intiimadated by those dang corner cuts. Then I finally tried it and it was way too easy. All it is is 45 degree angle cuts. If they don't turn out perfect you can just puddy them and they will look great. Just try it and you will see how easy it really is. 

And then I saw it.........She is definitely a GiRL!

Since I new she was a girl and I had a ton of left over paint from the pink toy box I deiced to paint her pink.
First I gave her a good coating of Kilz. If I am doing furniture for a child I always Kilz it up just because you never know what kind of paint might be on it or what a child will do with it's surrounding. You know licking, picking or whatever else the heck they will think of. Kilz seals everything in. 
This is just the inside of the wardrobe but I Kilzed it all, even the insides of the drawers.

I painted her pink and then sealed her up with some polyurethane.

I painted her hinges white to match her new knobs.

Door Knob

Drawer Knobs
You know it, I got cute knobs from Hobby Lobby @ 50% off!

I know this seems like a lot of steps and it is but most things just take a few minutes to do. Just remember that if you are new to this just start with small pieces and work your way up to the bigger pieces. 

What do you think of my molding? 
I LoVE it! I think it gives her a whole new look.




One Last LOOK

I just have to show you one more thing because it made me crack my head off.
I was staging this and the Pink Birdie Toy Box on a night when we were finishing up a family dinner. So I was running around finding nicknack's to put on the top of the wardrobe and I came back to find this.....
Nothing says PRECIOUS like a grown man hugging an ugly duck with his eyes closed like he's dreaming of his new pink dresser. Precious or CREEPY, I don't know. Hee Hee

My little nephews got in on the staging too.
Don't ask me what this is all about, I just found it there and got into trouble when I went to move it out of the picture.


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ThaNkS for the LiNk uP LaDiES!


  1. This is not only 'fine and handy' your work is super and WOW! No wonder the grown man gets so dreamy...must be thinking to steal some love from the new pink dresser!

  2. I think this is soo cute. And you were right. YOu put in a lot of hours:)


  3. Great job! I enjoyed reading through all of your have shared some great insight and tips! Guess what? I bought that same armoire at a yard sale 3 years ago. It was bright fuscia...ick! I painted it green for my son's room and it looks better than it did but now I see how awesome it could be with added molding. Awesome! You are really going to enjoy this piece. It's nice to have a closet within a toddler's reach for when they start dressing themselves!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  4. It's just darling~ love it in it's new pretty pink color! Great knobs too! I host a party on Fridays at my blog (linky is up on Thursday evening) and would love for you to come share this sometime. Have a great day! :)

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    The molding REALLY does make a difference! Beautifully done!

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  13. That turned out awesome! I am in the process of redoing some old furniture. Well, sort of. I am turning an old tv console into a shelf. We'll see how it goes. Looks like you are one talented lady!

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